WTG Rotor Blade Confined Space

WTG Rotor Blade Confined Space

The WTG Rotor Blade Confined Space training provides basic knowledge to carry out work safely inside a wind turbine blade in an confined space. 

During the training, participants will be familiarized with safety regulations, health and safety rules, practical solutions useful at work, operation of safety and evacuation equipment, in addition to the rescue operation. Candidates are required to have appropriate psychophysical and physical disposition. Apart from the theoretical part, the participants will also face practical exercises, which are a simulation of real events.

Target group:

– Blade repair technicians,

– Workers on the blades production line 

Strategic objectives

The training is designed to prepare the individual members of the wind turbine blade repair team in a practical way for the challenges and risks associated with the work inside the blade. The holder of the WTG Rotor Blade Confined Space certificate will be able to:

– prepare a work and evacuation plan

– assign roles within the team

– work safely 

– efficiently manage the rescue operation 

– provide first aid to the injured party


The training is valid for 24 months 

Physical requirement

Dalegate must not have respiratory diseases such as asthma, obstructive pulmonary disease, vagus disorders, claustrophobia