Lightning Protection Systems – Inspection & Testing

WTG Rotor Blades Lightning Protection Systems – Inspection & Testing

This course is aimed at those responsible for the inspection and testing of Lightning Protection Systems. The scheme covers topics such as causes of lightning, risk assessment, the methods of protection including surge protection and inspection and testing to meet the standards of EN 62305.

Training delivers information about: 

Formation of Lightning Storms

Purpose for installing LPS

Function of LPS

Various LPS

Basic electrical knowledge 


Cables and connectors

Test equipment

Measuring units

Transient Overvoltages

Lightning Protection Standards (EN 62305)

Damage caused to WTGs and equipment

Overvoltage protection

Types of loss due to lightning strikes

Risk assessment for lightning protection

Protection of wind turbines 

Surge Protection

Earthing, Bonding and Terminations

Safe Working at Height

Inspection and Testing (includes practical demonstrations)

Exchanging receptors 

Temporary repairs 

Reading and replacing lightning card

Target group:

– Blade Repair Technicians 

– Professionals needing to update and enhance their understanding of Lightning Protections Systems in accordance with EN 62305 on WTG’s.

Strategic objectives

After the training, the participant will be able to: 

Carry out General Visual Inspection of lightning receptors 

Measure out resistance between receptors and whole tower 

Use different measuring tools

Replace lightning receptor in most popular blades 

Recognize and report typical lightning damages on blade surface and structure. 

Describe electrical resistance 

Describe health risk involved while working on Lightening Protection Systems



Physical requirement

Participants should be in good physical condition. It is not acceptable to have any heart problems and especially to have pacemaker