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  • Validity: life long
  • Location: Wroclaw and online


LOTO training is aimed at people who are exposed to a dangerous type of energy that powers equipment being serviced or repaired, as well as employees supervising the work of others. Thanks to the knowledge gained during the training, it is possible to significantly reduce accidents and increase the general level of safety of the work performed.

Lockout Tagout (LOTO) is a system that gives you the ability to control machines and installations during maintenance and servicing work. The LOTO system is often referred to as the "Energy Isolation System" in Polish. The main objective of the training is to familiarise the delegate with the use of the various elements of the system and thus achieve the so-called zero energy state on machines undergoing maintenance or repair.

The training aims to raise awareness and safety for all those carrying out maintenance and repair work with particular emphasis on electrical work.

Target group

The course is dedicated to those who carry out repair or maintenance work in the vast majority of industries:

  • Maintenance services,
  • Electricians, technicians and service engineers,
  • Persons supervising the work of others,
  • All those involved in the renovation work,
  • Production hall workers.


The training is valid for a period of 24 months. At the end of this period, renewal is required.

Strategic objectives

  • Improve safety when carrying out maintenance, cleaning or repair work,
  • Knowledge of LOTO procedures and workflows
  • Skills in handling LOTO system accessories
  • Reducing risks to the life and health of workers,
  • Preventing damage to equipment,
  • Helping to prevent errors from occurring,
  • Highlighting visual risk information in the workplace,
  • Increased safety for all employees,
  • Knowledge of regulations: 2009/104/EC, Regulation of the Minister of Economy of 28 March 2013.

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