Epoxy awareness 

The Epoxy  awareness training is an extensive resource of knowledge and skills in the safe use of epoxy resin products. 

After completing certificate holder 

knows and understands the safety procedures before, during and after the transfer of epoxy resins and isocyanates.

Is able to locate information about chemicals before, during and after transport and while working with them.

Knows how to prevent and mitigate inappropriate handling of chemicals, including exothermic reactions, inappropriate mixing, spillage.

Knows the consequences and possible incidents caused by improper handling of chemicals.

Work with epoxy resins and isocyanates in a safe and controlled way;

Assesses whether the workplace is properly planned and organised in terms of occupational health and safety legislative requirements concerning personal safety in relation to work with various substances and materials.

Uses tools, machinery in a manner that complies with health and safety standards. 

Responds to dangerous situations 

He or She can perform first aid 

Target group:

– Production workers and wind turbine technicians,

– Workers in the boatbuilding industry,

– Automotive workers.

Strategic objectives

After completing polyester awareness training, certificate holder is competent in personal safety in relation to work with epoxy resins and containing isocyanates and is able to work with epoxy resins in a way that is appropriate from a point of view of health and safety (in DK according to §5 in the Danish Working Environment Authority act no 292 from April 26, 2001).


Epoxy awareness is a lifelong course

Physical requirement

The participant must not suffer from respiratory diseases such as asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, isocyanates allergy, or any other resin derivative.