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When you spend your hard-earned money
for training ...

You invest in yourself, you spend your precious time, you expect to see a product on the other side worth much more than you spent. Only then you have the feeling of well spent money and time.

Professional training requires a professional trainer.

Profesjonalista musi być człowiekiem z pasją, musi być autentyczny i stabilny emocjonalnie. Autentyzm zawsze wypływa z osobistych przeżyć, doświadczeń zawodowych, a prezentuje się w sposobie przekazywania materiału dydaktycznego. Prawdziwy trener jest osobą ambitną. Często to co dla niego jest podłogą dla innych będzie sufitem i to ta perspektywa pozwala patrzeć dalej i bardziej przenikliwie. Dlatego ambicją każdego prawdziwego szkoleniowca jest zbudowanie w uczniu poczucia pewności i wiary w siebie oraz wytrwałości i cierpliwości w rozwijaniu umiejętności.

There is no way that a training session can exhaust the subject without the listener's work. It is important to remember that a good trainer is also a trained behaviourist and his role is not only to demonstrate knowledge but to adapt it to the level of the listener in the most creative and effective way and to engage him for work and self-development.

Opposite the Professional Trainer are always Professional listeners.

Mariusz Cnota

Operation Manager

+48 518 649 549

After many years of research, iterative work and being in the shadow of the decisions of the big companies involved in servicing and building wind farms, I have found the space to improvement of my own skills and implement my ideas. I am imperative to protect people's health in the front line of the wind industry. Here I have seen the biggest budgets and the worst management styles based on financial cuts in the health and safety department. "Every excel have two sides ..."

My professional space is organic work with people and companies entering the wind industry. I am in the business of building awareness and finding the best solutions, rather than supporting the ideology - safe means costly and langhty.

If you do what you've always done, you'll get what you've always got...

Mariusz Cnota

Michał Sobek

Blade Repair Trainer


In my case, a passion for modern technology and mechanics turned into a career. Modern engineering materials, especially fibre-reinforced composite materials, made a huge impression on me and their infinite application possibilities made me decide to base my DSc on them. On a daily basis, I work at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering of the Silesian University of Technology in the field of broadly defined mechanical engineering. I am a huge fan of 3D printing, which in combination with CAD engineering graphics allows me to design and implement various technological solutions. Knowing exactly the structures of composites, understanding the action of each material contained in them, I know how to rebuild them in a way that does not impair their use. I am very familiar with the subject of wind turbines, the structure of the blades and their common defects. Together with GWC, we are creating new solutions to improve the quality of these products and their repair on the market.

Working as part of the GWC team improves my professional competence and broadens my interests.

Michał Sobek