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From now on, you don't have to use your holiday at work or look for a replacement for yourself.

You can successfully complete all the training required by the wind industry by attending weekend courses at one of our training centres.

You are an employer, you have decided that you want your employees to be trained to international standards to work on wind turbines, i.e. you intend to upskill them. The only possible date is a weekend after working hours. According to Art. 100 of the Labour CodeAn employee is obliged to comply with the work-related instructions of his superiors, even if this concerns training on his day off. The Labour Code does not regulate the issue of payment for participation in weekend training or counting such time as working time, unless it concerns OSH training. Here the legislator has clearly indicated that they take place during working time and at the employer's expense.

The employee should be given time off and, if this is not possible, an appropriate wage together with any overtime allowance.
If an employee is given days off in lieu of time off for training at the weekend, the employee shall additionally be entitled to financial compensation in the form of a normally paid working day, even if the weekend training was shorter than normal working hours.

In other words, if you plan to do, for example, a package of GWO Basic Safety Training at the express instruction of your employer at the weekend, this time should be counted as working time and thus paid as overtime due to exceeding the average weekly working time standard, or days off plus normal pay on those days, as appropriate.

A special case is training that raises the qualifications necessary for a particular activity, such as GWO Blade Repair, which is not safety training although it contains elements of it. In such cases, when training in Blade Repair is necessary, we also count this as working time.

Every weekend we can perform

All basic training such as:

Price of weekend training differs from the basic prices and is higher due to the higher costs of handling the training.

Would you like to receive details of the offer Send us your request describing the dates you are interested in, types of training, possible number of persons.


BST Offshore Package

PLN 5000/ +23% VAT

Due to weekend plus 10%

Basic classes for technicians
offshore wind turbines.


  • Duration: 2 days
  • Validity: 2 years
  • Location: Wroclaw, Krakow

The package includes BST Offshore include the following training courses

The course addresses safety issues related to working at heights.

This is basic first aid training for the wind turbine environment.

This is basic training on fire protection in wind turbine environments.

This is basic training for the safe transport and manual handling of heavy objects.

This is basic offshore survival training for wind turbine technicians.

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Patryk J
Patryk J
Instruktorzy na najwyższym poziomie, ogromna wiedza teoretyczna a jeszcze większa praktyczna poparta doświadczeniem instruktorów w branży
Marcin Ostrowski
Marcin Ostrowski
Darek Kraśnicki
Darek Kraśnicki
Miejsce, gdzie zrobisz kompleksowe treningi do pracy na farmie wiatrowej
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Bartłomiej Wierchanowski
Super miejsce, super ludzie! Pełen profesjonalizm.
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radek bielski
Polecam serdecznie
Rafal Masierek
Rafal Masierek
Bardzo fajne miejsce kurs bardzo dobrze przeprowadzony tak jak powinno byc !! Polecam
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Lukáš Havelka
Tato profesionální firma má vše dobře připravené a doladěné do posledního konce. Vše mají dotáhnuté do posledního detailu. Profesionální inszrukroři na svém místě. Nálada je u nich vždy přátelská a panuje dobrá nálada 🙂
Roman Rogala
Roman Rogala
Świetnie przygotowani do tematu z teorii i praktyki trenerzy. Super atmosfera, cierpliwi, pomocni z bogatym doświadczeniem, co widać, słychać i czuć. Sprzęt konkretny. Gorąco polecam.
Bart Stodolak
Bart Stodolak
Great training centre with proffessionall tutors
Maks Dudek
Maks Dudek
Wszystko Świetnie , Dobry Team Szkoleniowy Polecam !!