Module SART Nacelle, Tower,


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  • Duration: 1 day
  • Validity: 2 years
  • Location: Krakow

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Rescuer training is an advanced course for wind turbine technicians. The Single Rescuer Nacelle, Tower, Basement module, like the other courses in the package, is accredited by the Global Wind Organization and recognised in the global job market. After training, students will be able to demonstrate the knowledge and skills necessary to perform advanced single rescues on the nacelle, tower and basement of a wind turbine. The class follows the recommended standards in relation to the GWO objectives. The trainers will present behavioural patterns as they help you to act in stressful situations.

During the theoretical part of the training, the trainees mainly learn about rescue operations. It takes place in a lecture hall, with the help of multimedia presentations and teaching aids. The practical part, similarly to other training courses, simulates real events. Acting out the scenarios serves to acquire practical knowledge and to develop in trainees appropriate habits necessary to carry out an effective rescue operation.

Nacelle, Tower, Basement training is part of the Advanced Rescue Training package which includes:

  • legal aspects of advanced rescue operations,
  • rescue strategies for individual rescue operations (appropriate rescue method, technique, certified equipment and personnel required),
  • procedures for evacuating an injured person from the nacelle, tower and basement of a wind turbine,
  • rescue drills.

The course teaches independent turbine rescue operations using standard methods and techniques and rescue equipment at height. In the class, the student will learn to make a risk assessment and therefore determine strategies for rescuing a single colleague (appropriate rescue method, technique, certified equipment and how to organise rescue operations and the scene) for different variants of the situation.

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