Advanced Blade Repair


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12300,00 PLN


  • Duration: 48 h
  • Validity: life long
  • Location: Wroclaw
  • Available: as of April 2021
  • Requirements: GWO Blade Repair or
    similar training, minimum 1 year experience

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This training is dedicated to technicians who are currently working on blade repair. During the training we work with blades from 3 of the largest blade manufacturers in the world. We perform structural repairs, internal repairs, component replacements, and in addition to repairs we also learn how to disassemble completely damaged parts of the blades.


We know how important practice is, so in addition to theoretical knowledge and classes in the lecture hall, trainees will acquire repair skills during workshop exercises. The theoretical part is a presentation in which knowledge is shared with the trainees by experienced technicians. Full description read

What does the course offer?

On completion of the Blade Repair course, trained individuals will be competent in blade repair in the wind industry and be able to meet the safety standards required in a wind turbine environment. The training is verified through a database GWO WINDA,which makes it easier for employees to certify their competence in electronic form. Full description read

What you will learn
on the course?

Participants can carry out repair work according to the work instructions in the following dimensions:

  • Repairs to trailing edges up to 1.5m,
  • Reparation of the leading edge up to 1.5 m,
  • Servicing down to the core,
  • Replacement of core material up to 200 cm²,
  • Renovation of the exterior surface, preparation for painting and application of gelcoat,
  • Installation of components to improve wind turbine blade efficiency.
  • Full description read

Target group GWO
Blade Repair

New employees in the wind industry must be knowledgeable in the inspection and repair of composites. Wind turbine blade repairers need to be able to use chemicals because the nature of their work requires it. In addition, they must be able to cope with tasks at height due to the complexity of the repairs. The training is designed for people who want to pursue a career in the wind industry, above all to develop their skills. Apply to us if you are planning a career, as this is the best time to start.

Strategic objectives

On completion of the GWO Blade Repair course, delegates will be able to work safely with composite materials, carrying out inspections and basic blade repair procedures, supporting the overall improvement of personnel safety with work functions, focusing on composite repair and inspection in the wind industry. Find out more about the GWO standards.

Period of validity

The GWO 'Blade Repair' training is a permanent qualification and therefore the validity period does not apply to this training. It assumes that the delegate is actively involved in the inspection and repair of composites and the qualification is for life. The Blade Repair course does not need to be refreshed, unlike some GWO training courses.

Physical requirements

The GWO training module 'Blade Repair', can be potentially physically demanding. A fear of heights can be a definite obstacle to working after the course. Working on a turbine is not easy, so technicians should be in good mental and physical condition. Testing is recommended before taking the course, although this is not enforced by the organisers. It is also advisable to demonstrate good fitness to help climb to the top of the turbine.


The cost of the course is relatively low in relation to earnings. Just 2 weeks of working on windmills will pay back all the costs of taking the course. The high earnings compensate for the financial contribution to the training, so it is worth investing in your future. Wind turbine technicians earn high wages compared to other professions. Full description read


Global Wind Consulting offers attractive forms of support for those wishing to re-enter and start working in the most profitable and forward-looking industry of the 21st century. By starting Blade Repair training you can count on subsidies and attractive loans, because we always go out of our way to meet the needs of delegates. You probably have many questions, so we look forward to hearing from you. We deal with the subject of finance every day, so there are no questions that are too difficult for us. The price of the course may seem high to you, so take advantage of the opportunity. Full description read

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